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We will add links on this page as the opportunity arises. It may be other Magic Societies, Magic websites, dealers or individuals. If you want your Society or link to appear here don't hesitate to contact us.

We are pleased to add our association with the following Societies:

    Northern Magic Circle              Bradford Magic Circle
    The Modern Mystic League       Medway Magical Society

    The Magic Circle                    
Members Website Links - Members who are available for events can be contacted here:

    Alan Mylecraine    Close-up magician for Wedding and Corporate events.

    Paul Joyce            Children' Entertainer and Close-up/Cabaret artist

We can recommend the following sites for all the up to date magical news and reviews

    www.magicweek.co.uk                     www.magicbunny.co.uk


Members can obtain Discounts on all effects and props from: http://www.magicianfx.co.uk/

Click on the link and mention the Fylde Mystics to get a great price on a wide range of Magic items.

Fancy some special Playing Cards? Why not try www.ajtplayingcards.co.uk

AJT Playing Cards    TIP... Have a quiet word with the proprietor and you'll maybe get a discount...


The following sites may be of interest for Magic props, effects and resources:

Coin Magic    Keith Bennett Magic    Cards & Accessories    Card Collection

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In the meantime go check out this mean cups and balls act. You won't believe your eyes!

                    Gamblern by Per Helldorff

While you're at it, why not give this great performance a quick look. Not pure magic, but an object lesson in timing:

                    Hello/Goodbye by Ikeda Yosuke