Welcome to the Fylde Mystics!

promoting the performance of Magic


The following programme is subject to change.

6th August 2013          Trick Clinic - Bring the tricks you need help and advice with.

3rd September 2013   Mentalism Magic - Of course, you knew that didn't you?

9th October 2013        STAR LECTURE with WAYNE HOUCHIN.

12th November 2013   Trick Sessions live

19th November            STAR LECTURE - Jon Armstrong from the USA (Visiting Magi welcome)

3rd December 2013     Christmas Meal (open night)

7th January 2014        Table Hopping - approach a table and perform, then move to the next table, simples!

4th February 2014      STAR(ish) Lecture from our very own - Allan Clarke

4th March 2014           Card Trick night - now this shouldn't be a problem...

1st April 2014            Close-up Competition Night - Open night - guests welcome.

7th May 2014             STAR LECTURE - Mark Shortland - 'On & Off Stage' (visiting Magi welcome)

3rd June 2014            Stage Magic - Take some inspiration from Marks lecture

2nd July 2014            Mini AGM and Trick Session

All meetings start at 8:00pm prompt unless otherwise stated.