Welcome to the Fylde Mystics!

promoting the performance of Magic


Note : Meetings will be subject to change depending on when lectures are available and extra dates maybe added

7th July 2015
Mini AGM & Trick Session
4th August 2015
8:00PM Non-Card Trick - Perform magic WITHOUT Playing Cards (Panic!)
1st September 2015
8:00PM Perform and Explain - Perform a Trick, then explain it
6th October 2015
8:00PM Impromptu Night - Perform those effects with no set up
3rd November 2015
8:00PM Workshop - Hands on workshop, the more you put in the more you get out
1st December 2015
8:00PM Christmas Meal - Open Night
5th January 2016
8:00PM Rope Magic - Perform effects using rope
2nd February 2016
8:00PM Packet Tricks - We all have them, this is the night to perform them
1st March 2016
8:00PM Trick Clinic - Struggling with an effect, then this is the meeting for you
5th April 2016
8:00PM Close-Up Competition - Open night
3rd May 2016
7:30PM My Favourite Tricks- Perform two of your favourite effects and explain why
7th June 2016
8:00PM Table Hopping - Perform at a table then off to the next one
5th July 2016
8:00PM Mini AGM & Trick Session

All meetings start at 8:00pm prompt on the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

At the start of each meeting there may be new prospective members who will be auditioning for acceptance
into the society