Welcome to the Fylde Mystics!

promoting the performance of Magic

Originally formed in 1958 the society became home to many a well known magician. It's now back and playing host to an enthusiastic group of Fylde magicians with the aim of sharing experiences, furthering magical knowledge and improving performing abilities.

Now in our 5th great year, the Society has grown in membership and stature, firmly believing in “Friendship Through the Art of Magic”. Meetings are fun and friendly and everyone is encouraged to take part regardless of skill level. We have no committee, no President or any other political offices to get in the way of our enjoyment of Magic. Membership is open to all practising magicians who wish to perform and share their magical experiences with a small group of fellow enthusiasts. Our main focus is on performing but when we do have the odd lecture, it tends to be a good one. We hope you find our site interesting.

2014 - Another performance packed year for the Fylde Mystics.                                                                                       
                                        Six years may have passed but we're still passionate about performing!

John Carey

    'Handle with Carey' was a Master Class in routining, read all about it HERE
    Forget Christmas shopping! - try a spot of Workshopping instead! Wednesday 19th November.

    Mystics Christmas Meal: Tuesday 2nd December. Details to follow.

    Our next regular meeting will be on Tuesday 6th January for a session on Children's Magic

    New Programme published. Check HERE

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The Fylde Mystics had a great night out with Svengali and got to meet Derren Brown afterwards! Cool or what? Photos HERE

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